Learning from others is the most perfect weapon to stop self poverty.

poverty its like a necessity which observes no law but only a persuasion law. There are some counsel we considered many sound fine in principle. Let see some people who followed some counsel and successfully handled financial challenges.

Diosdado, a father of four, admits that the recent financial crisis has made it more difficult to satisfy his family’s needs. Meanwhile, he recognizes the value of budget. According to him, He said “I budget every single centavo of my earnings”, He says ” I have a list of where I spent my money.” Ableharrison followed the same principle and become successful, Danilio also followed the same principle.

However, he and his wife experience the failure of their business. Still they manage to make their ends meet by careful Budgeting and judicious expense. He however says “We know how much that’s coming in every day/month and we also know how much that is going out everyday of our lives. Based on that, we have to discuss in details how much we can spend each day.

To keep the budget in check, most people have found it necessarily important to cut back in some areas. Mercy, a widow who is with four kids, said “instead of living large as usual, I now decide to minimized the rate of spending money. I am now riding my vehicles by myself instead of using driver” Now mercy has made efforts to her children to help them learn a lot on values of living a simple life. She says ” I have tried to set a good example of simple life in applying the principle. however, this is a typical example of living within your means, and being contented with what you have.

Ableharrison is a guy who really believed that what really matter are the necessary things which life cannot do without. I said to people that what really matter matters, matter or no matter what really matter matters. Any male that keep more than 3 or 4 girl friends for self, should prepare to spend out of his means, because most girls may turn to be a parasite to your income instead of being a contributor. Instead of keeping 4 girl friends now I have decided to manage 1. remember I am trying to live within my means.

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