Bobrisky disclose his lover, to his followers

Controversial Nigeria’s male Barbie has taken to his fans on social media page to show off his lover.

The popular socialite always discus about his bae and how he showers him with love and money.

Bobrisky often attributed his lavish lifestyle to his bae, who he always says gives him anything he wanted. And whenever the male barbie and his lover are having a misunderstanding, Bobrisky never fails to let his followers know about it.

Meanwhile, many times , the popular socialite has said that he cannot reveal the identity of his lover.l

But Bobrisky seems to be in a happy mood as he recently shared a photo of his lover. Although, the male barbie did not reveal his face. In the photo he shared online, Bobrisky’s bae was donned in a blue outfit. He stood facing a car but had his back to the camera.

His face can be slightly seen by the side. The caption accompanying the photo of his lover was short and simple but lovely.

Bobrisky appreciated his lover for always supporting him whenever he needed it. He added that, he did not tag him so that he will not be taken away from him.

However, Bobrisky earlier declared himself a woman officially. Bobrisky noted that he is officially a woman and demanded that he should be addressed as such.

For those who wanted to know if he still had his maleness, he advised them not to mind with that as he has a ‘hole’ to satisfy a man.

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