According to the clergy he said.

“The restriction has to be enforced without prejudice to people’s fundamental rights to association and movement because the safety of our people and their welfare are priorities that cannot be toyed with,” he said.

“The government will continue to engage all the stakeholders including religious leaders to sensitise the populace on the need to maintain social distance and collective effort to combat the pandemic.”

But on Sunday, Oyedepo, however, flouted the directives.

From the live stream of the service via the church’s YouTube channel, it was observed that thousands of worshipers gathered inside the church auditorium for service.

This has however sparked outrage on social media platforms especially Twitter where users expressed their annoyance at the perceived defiance of the cleric to the law of the land.

Quite a number of users have also called on the state government to shut down the church.

“People like Oyedepo need to be told in PLAIN CLEAR terms he is NOT above the Law. He has to stop services at Canaanland. If Adeboye and others can obey, who does he think that he is? NO man or entity is bigger than the Government. Those services must stop,” a Twitter user said.

“Ogun State Government actually posted this three days ago. Pastor Oyedepo has flouted basic and very simple instructions from the government. CAN is not above a State Government, so that is not a good excuse. This is not what the bible teaches. We should lead by example,” another user tweeted.

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