Tacha, Blasts Buhari For Failing To Address Nigerians On Coronavirus

She said, “It seems like we as a country are forgetting who we are. We are forgetting that Nigeria is one of the most populated black countries in the world. 

“Nigeria is the giant of Africa but look at us, getting addressed on Twitter, did we vote for our President from Twitter? 

“Over 14 million people voted for the person on seat yet we are getting addressed from Twitter and everybody is just seating down like it’s normal. 

“The average Nigerian works on a daily basis and get paid on a daily basis. We have a lot of Nigerians that do blue collar jobs; if they do not work in a day, they will not get money to eat for that day yet we want to have a lockdown, what do people eat? Conductors, mothers that go to the market to sell stuff to people, what do they eat? 

“When you say lockdown and everyone should stay home, what will people be able yo eat? When you say lockdown you should also provide food for people. Hunger is deadlier than this virus.

“So you don’t sit in your office and address Nigerians on Twitter because you think we are fools. 

“This is the time that we need you (Buhari), we need to find hope from your speech if not everyday at least twice a week.”

Nigeria now has 81 confirmed cases of Coronavirus and one recorded death.

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