Davido finally open-up and admit that Wizkid inspired him

Davido has disclosed through his Instagram on Live content format with DJ ECool to dish on some back stories and have a chat; on tuesday march 31 this year 2020, he just revealed what PEOPLE do not know concerning how he was inspired.

He has revealed that he was inspired by Wizkid upon getting back from Atlanta, USA. While Davido had been making music and almost produced on Modenine‘s 2010 album, Da Vinci Mode, he was still unknown. But in 2008, Wizkid made his earlier foray into fame with a feature on MI Abaga‘s classic album, Talk About It.

The song is the Kraftmatiks produced ‘Fast Money, Fast Cars.’ On how he got inspired by Wizkid‘s journey, Davido says, “… And then I got back (from Atlanta, US again) and people said, ‘There’s another guy again o, but this one is younger’ (laughs) ‘Girls love him, he’s the new thing…’ I was like ‘what?’ So, I listened to his music and I was like ‘This sh** is fire.

“You know who I’m talking about… You know Wizkid came and that’s when we; all the young guys were like, ‘I’m doing this sh** too, bruh… That n***a (Wizkid) came with some fire, bro…”

 DJ ECoool  had to play Wizkid‘s first official single, ‘Holla At Your Boy’ after that moment, which was released in January 2010. Davido danced to the song with a huge nostalgic smile on his face. He then went on to reveal that his favourite Wizkid song was ‘Wiz Party.’

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