One of the most popular influential US singer Chris Brown finally unveils elusive, lookalike father

The American influential popular rapper and talented dancer Christopher Morris Brown popularly known as Chris Brown has always praised his mother for stepping up and raising him through thick times.

The super star Chris Brown had never talks about his elusive father and all people know about the man who gave him life is his name – Clinton Brown.

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However, On Saturday, April 4, the popular super star musician decided to treat his fans on Instagram to a rarely seen photo of his while he was a little child.

While at it, the singer also chose to show off a snap of his father who is a complete copy of Chris but just a tad bit darker than the performer star.

Meanwhile, The US celebrity acknowledged the undeniable resemblance and his fans were just excited that finally they came face to face with the man behind the legend. The RnB star however, admitted a few times in the past his mum and dad divorced while he was young and his mother was abused by the man she dated after.

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A post shared by CHRIS BROWN (@chrisbrownofficial) on

When it was the time to praise, the super star showers his dear mum with them and always thanks her for working overtime to give the musician and his sibling a better life.

Some of the superstar’s fans argued fatherhood changed Chris and he has become more open to embracing the people he had left behind.

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