The Chief Priest of Cubana has disclose that lockdown helped women get their husbands from side chics

The Barman Cubana Chief Priest has been able to disclose and as well muck Side chics on his social media page and advise couples as well.

Cubana Chief Priest said that the lockdown period has given many women the opportunity to work on their marriages and also give their men joy and peace. On his statement, He says, families are experiencing healing at this time while side chics are worried that they would never get their men back.

The celebrity barman stated that side chics have been relying on the things they get from a traditional priest to get men attracted to them, noting that the effect of those things has waned.

Cubana used the opportunity to advise men who invest in the side chics but find it hard to do the same with their wives.

“Men please, let’s minimise our mumu. How can you pay for side chics liposuction for her to look appealing when your wife has belly fat? How can you buy a side chic a house and a car in her name when your wife’s name has never appeared in any of your property and car documents? Men, before you gift a side chic a house, make sure your wife has houses in her name too. Men, if we invest 20 percent of what we give these side chics, our wives will remain forever young and classy,” he said.

He advised them to look appealing and stay fit to be able to keep their men.

“Woman, life no suppose end after marriage. That is why these girls are taking your men, they are not as beautiful as you, make sure you slay. Above all, leave his phone for him. It is not easy for men, especially big guys like me. Pray for your husbands, these girls are ready for us. They are everywhere. They go miles because of us. We are their only source of income. We try to avoid them but it is not easy. Help us with peace of mind,” he stated.

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