A popular music icon Davido admits that he left school for a whole year to focus on music career

One of music icon in Nigeria Davido Adeleke In an Instagram there’s a live video with talent manager, Ubi Franklin, Davido recounted how he conned his father and skipped school for a whole year while he was abroad all for music.

However, African parents are known but not meant to be quite strict, especially when they are rich and have a reputation to protect family and teenagers around them.

That seemed to be the case with Davido’s father who wanted to make sure his through son went to school, graduate and settle down working with the family.

Well, Davido obviously had other interesting and precious plans to pursuit . According to the hip-pop music icon, after his first year at school, he discovered his passion for music and decided to focus on that instead.

Davido said that he used all the money his father sent him at the time to buy studio equipment and that he was recording songs for people on his campus.

The singer added that he eventually told his father to allow him continue his studies in Nigeria so that he can do music alongside. His father disagreed and made sure he flew back abroad that very night.

In other words, After getting on the plane, Davido discovered that he was on the same flight as Wande Coal who was also getting set to travel because DBanj and DonJazzy had a show.

Davido decided to ditch his father’s plans and follow Wande instead. His father eventually called the school to find out the whereabouts of his son when he was told that David had not been in school for a whole year. See the interesting video here:

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