Covid-19: Quarantine has prevented love making Cardi B cries out

A popular American rapper and actress Cardi B said she was among the sex-starved wives whose only wish was their husbands return home in one piece.

According to a social media video by the 27-year-old mother of one, she and her hubby have not managed to be one as a couple for a long time and that has left her in low spirits.

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However, In some parts of the world, people have been put on mandatory lockdown or quarantine to help to put to a stop of this contagious decease called COVID-19.

Unlucky spouses have been forced to separate from their partners due to the strict rules and some cannot handle the heat of the directive.

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Very serious

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The artist is often vocal about how much she is fan of bedminton and to her, the best part of marriage is having a forever bedroom partner.

However, Cardi said in her whole adult life, she has never felt as alone as she does right now given she cannot feel the warmth of her hubby Offset’s body.

The worst part, according to the lady approaching 30, is she is on her period and that is ruining things in her bedroom.

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Mom and Dad 🦋💙

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“I miss my family, I miss my friends, I have never been so alone, I just watch documentaries and movies,” Cardi lamented.

The artist and her hubby recently had to tell off trolls who claimed they were headed for another separation sooner than later.

Cardi who was recording a live video happened to walk into a room where Offset was seated scrolling his phone.

The father of her child dropped his phone like hot coal as soon as Cardi called his name.

Fans who were watching the exchange immediately claimed the rapper was hiding something from his wife.

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Loving @richardorlinski pieces ❤️ 🇫🇷

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