Eminent clergy of Christ embassy Pastor Oyakhilome has accuses FG of locking down Lagos and Abuja just to install 5G

The eminent clergy Pastor Chris Oyakhilome has been popping online due to his views on the highly contagious pandemic called covid-19 or Coronavirous.

The pastor had recently claimed that the world is not battling a virus. In a video, the pastor was heard saying that the illness and death in the different parts of the world are caused by the 5G network, not a virus.

Based on his statement, the network makes people sick. He claimed that there is a grand plan by an organisation to introduce vaccines that cure the sickness.

However, the clergy has now come across another video of him explaining why the government locked down Lagos state and Abuja. Pastor Oyakhilome noted that the federal government directed the lockdown to install the 5G network.

He said the government told people to stay at home to curb the spread of the virus but they just want to install the network after testing it in Abuja.

According to him, it is not possible for people to hide from a virus by staying at home. He said social distancing is the easiest way to prevent a protest.

He added that the federal government’s claims are not adding up and it is an insult on the intelligence of people.

The controversial On-Air personality said WhatsApp is the major problem Nigeria is facing due to dissemination of false information people use the app for.

He wrote:

“The fear and unfounded conspiracy theories being peddled on WhatsApp are our near and present danger, not 5G. WhatsApp has become the medium for spreading the modern-day ‘Jewish myths’ the Apostles complained about and when it’s in the hands of religious and superstitious people, it becomes a looming catastrophe.

“Yes, there might be some level of danger associated with a technological breakthrough, but it’s a far cry from the exaggerated claims of WhatsApp theorists, who will go as far as spreading rumors about the COVID19 vaccine being the ‘antichrist’ and all manner of utter buffoonery.” Daddy Freeze said if there is anything the government needs to ban, it should be WhatsApp, adding that 5G is the future of the internet.

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