Nigerian hip-pop star Peter Okoye exceeds transfer limit as he shares and renders help with money to fans

God definitely have his own ways of doing things. Through this pandemic, Nigerians have been know the true patriotic Nigerians. The lockdown ordered by the government affected plenty citizens of the country; But God have definitely revealed the true son of the soil.

The covid-19 pandemic has definitely shown the wide margin between the rich and the poor as plenty people have been affected by the lockdown ordered by the government.

A number of people have been forced to stock up at such short notice despite them not having the money or means to do so.

Seeing as things are tough for many people during this time, some Nigerian celebrities have risen to the task by doing their bit to alleviate the suffering of others.

Just recently, Nigerian music star, Peter Okoye of the defunct PSquare group also joined the list of celebs helping others during this time.

Peter sent out money to a lot of fans to the point that he was notified that he had exceeded his transfer limit for the day.

The music star then promised to continue giving out to his fans the next day. See his post below:

It has also recorded That Toke Makinwa has also joined the fight against coronavirus by contributing N250,000 to a cause that aims to provide relief for people during the virus-induced lockdown.

Despite how much of a bad news the coronavirus is, it has also shown the good side of humanity by bringing people of different races, culture, and backgrounds together, to try and make things better for others.

A number of well-known personalities have caught the virus and some of them have even died from it, which goes to show that every human being is the same when it comes to death.

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