Clergy Rev Kariuki a Kenyan citizen but US-based has openly apologizes for being a stubborn child after babysitting his kids

Evans Kariuki has publicly apologised to his mother and teachers across the world after babysitting his children for two days.

However, in what he termed as his confessions, the US-based Kenyan clergyman asked his mum to forgive him for all the troubles he caused her while he was growing up.

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these are my confessions….

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On his official Instagram page on Thursday, April 9, clergy Kariuki shared a video of himself confessing to his mother about all the bad things he did as a kid, including lying and messing around in the house.

According to him, staying with his children at home in the past few days during coronavirus lockdown made him realise parents ”tolerate” a lot from their kids.

”I want to do a public confession. Because I believe I am reaping the product of the sin in my life. I want to apologise to my mother because I have spent two days with my children in the house and I think they are repaying back the things that I did wrong to my mother, it’s amazing, and I want to apologise to my mother for the times I woke her up from good sleep in the morning, the times that I broke the drawers, the time that I just made a mess in the house. I want to apologise because the last two days have been amazing because I think I am paying for something,” the clergy pastor said.

This, the pastor learnt after spending time with his children, who seemingly took him through exactly what he took his mother through.

Pastor Kariuki who heads City Harvest Network Church in US, also took the opportunity to aplologise to all the teachers globally for any bad word sent to them by parents.

The man of God reiterated that parents now understand it is not easy ”taming” children who spend most of their time with the tutors in school.

”I want to officially apologise to any teacher out there who has ever been spoken to negatively, forgive us as parents and please come get your children and we are doing this together, we are raising them together, I have done my part now it is your turn, lol.” he added.

Clearly, the coronavirus pandemic made many people realise a lot of things they had no idea about. It should be noted this is not the first time the pandemic irked the preacher.

Kariuki, on his social media handle there is a video seen and wondered why the government restricted church services but did not do the same for public transport vehicles and supermarkets, where people also mingle.

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Tuongeze volume? Seriously Kenya….

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