Sharon Mundia has cleared the air over rumors that she’s lesbian

A popular vibrant Celebrity Fashion YouTuber Sharon Mundia, publicly known to many as “This Is Ess” has addressed issues surrounding her sexuality. The hot entertainer vehemently denied claims or rather dispelled rumours that she is a lesbian.

There was a YouTube video posted on her channel, the fashion blogger strongly dismissed the rumor which has been moving around her lifestyle, stating she is not, and has never been Lesbian.

“As for whether I am a lesbian or not, I know I have not addressed this here, and here is what I have to say about that. One I do not see that as an insult and two I am not a lesbian. But I would not see that as an insult. That to me is none of anybody’s business.” she said

The popular fashion blogger Ess reiterated that people should let others be and do whatever they want as whoever they sleep with does not concern them she added.

“Someone’s sexual orientation, what they want for themselves, who is in their bed should not matter to anybody,” Ess also added.

The YouTuber wrapped up by hitting back at a random fan who had commented on her YouTube video asserting she is a masculine lesbian.

“The gist of the comment was that I have changed I have become masculine and I am a lesbian. Here is what I think about that, when it comes to what my body looks like I am not trying to measure up to someone else’s standards of beauty. I think in many ways I also had to dismantle the kind of ideas on beauty that I had. And I do not need you or someone else to call me or see me beautiful. I started working out because I want my body to look great and also have strong limbs,” Ess categorically stated.

The murmur about her sexuality started growing louder until it became a question, immediately after the YouTuber broke up with her hubby Lonina Leitepan just months after their spectacular wedding.

In a statement by the various local blogs, Lonina dumped the lass after catching her in a lesbian ménage à trois. Meanwhile, she has now cleared the public.

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