A popular US rapper Meek Mill gives out Rolls-Royce Phantom which worth over N193m for aid of covid-19

As covid-19 continue to rampage the whole world, this made the world to come together to wage war against the dangerous pandemic In light of this, wealthy individuals, corporations across the world have continued to make huge financial contributions to help provide food and medical relief for those who have been affected with COVID-19.

Among all the adorable contributions made by plenty prominent people across the globe,One of such commendable efforts is the Challenge which is now trending on social media. It is a challenge that sees celebrities making significant contributions for coronavirus pandemic aid.

Among the commendable contributions which were made so far so good, a popular American rapper Meek Mill made his own contribution which have marvel plenty people around the globe. However, the music superstar donated his Rolls-Royce Phantom which is reportedly worth over N193 million towards the COVID-19 aid.

Sharing the news on his official Instagram page, Mill described the luxury automobile as the dream car that motivated him to chase success. The rapper also noted that he is going to miss the car.

Mill said: “This my baby ima missssssss youuuuuuuuuu papers signed!! #donated my dream car that motivated me to chase success!! #allinchallenge. Yeah I be snapping with helping people too”

In a statement by Daily News, the All In Challenge has raised over $2 million and will divide 100% of the proceeds among the charities Meals on Wheels, No Kid Hungry and America’s Food Fund, who will then disperse the funds to World Central Kitchen and Feeding America.

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