King of Malians aka Naira Marley has warned Muslim fans to Stop asking if he’s fasting

Most of celebrities Muslims fans have taken it upon themselves to know if their must beloved celebrities do fast during Ramadan prayers; Perhaps the month of Ramadan is an important month in the lives of Muslims whereby they fast and seek God’s blessings as they draw closer to him.

During this period, a number of curious fans have made it their business to find out if their favorite Muslim celebrities are also fasting

One of the most targeted controversial singer is Azeez Fashola, popularly known as Naira Marley.

The popular hip-pop star took to social media via his Twitter page to address his brothers and sisters in Islam.

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The singer said that people should stop asking him if he is fasting or not because the religion says that people who are sick, pregnant, battling mental health and other issues should not fast and that he does not fall inline with the mentioned categories above.

Speaking further, Marley also made it clear to those ladies who always send him photos of bums. In speaking, he said they should stop sending all those to him during this period of fasting because when it was not yet Ramadan, he never got those kinds of photos.

At the end of the video, the singer then ate a piece of wafer he had been holding, to show that he is not fasting.

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