A Nigerian citizen who reside in US has express gratitude to the US govt by given him over 400k to stay at home followed by the lockdown order

Taiye Olayemi is a Nigerian citizen and also a publisher but reside in US, has disclosed how the US government has been taking care of them during the lockdown.

However, this was disclosed to the public after the man was interviewed by the Legit TV video team, Mr. Taiye Olayemi said that the govt gave them $1200 (N468,168.00) as palliative so that they do not go hungry during the pandemic.

He also revealed to the Legit TV team that the US government has been working hard investing in the country’s food bank.

On how the food bank works, he said anybody could go there and register and some necessary food items would be given to them.

According to Legit, Taiye also said that though the money that was given to them cannot be compared to how much they earned when they go out to work, it is still something as it has kept many afloat in taking care of basic needs.

He said that they were first given a deposit of c$2000 (N547,080.02) before they were on Monday, April 19, given another c$290 (N79,326.60). @ChuksJaphets berated the Nigerian government for asking them to come back home and telling them that they would be paying for their flight cost.

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