Please release me: R Kelly pleads with court saying he’s likely diabetic, prone to COVID-19

An American popular hip-pop singer R Kelly is not giving on his bid to get out of jail on bond even after his previous pleas were granted not by the court.

However, The popular singer has also made another plea to the judge to let him out of jail, but this time he claims he has proof he is at risk of contracting deadly virus called COVID-19.

In a statement by TMZ, it was recorded that his lawyer filed documents asking the judge to release his client pending his trial.

Inside the documents, the lawyer claimed the Bureau of Prisons failed to disclose his client’s medical report from March showing he is “likely diabetic.”

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However, in the documents, it was claimed by the lawyer that R. Kelly had high cholesterol and high blood pressure thus leaving him a vulnerable position to catch COVID-19 while in prison at MCC Chicago.

Decision has not been taken yet by the judge on whether to release the singer or not with Kelly having failed to get freedom in his past two attempts to continue with trial while at home.

The singer had made a plea months a go, to be released from prison for the fear of contracting the disease a plea that was turned down by the judge.

R Kelly said social distancing was impossible in jail revealing that soap was only available to inmates who could afford to buy it. He also said sanitisers were not available and there was only one in the visiting floor which had been labelled for use by the staff only.

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