Tolani Otedola expressed disappointment, after a blog news had described brother as mentally unstable

One of the Billionaires in Africa Femi Otedola, his first daughter who is known as Tolani, has decided to speak out after her younger brother, Fewa, was described as not being mentally vibrant .

However, Fewa is the least, youngest and the only son of Femi Otedola. Moreover, Fewa who happens to be the only son is rarely in the news or can even be found on social media likewise others.

Meanwhile, the third child of Otedola who bears the name Temi happens to post her photo with Fewa who is the only son of the business mogul once. And on some occasions, however, she do sometimes talk about her brother’s health condition.

Tolani Otedola was forced to voice out on on air through aid of social media when a news blog described her brother as mentally unstable recently.

She wrote on her official Instagram story, the singer refuted the claims that Fewa is not okay. According to her, her brother has a condition called autism.

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However, the health practitioners defines autism as a developmental disorder that impairs the ability to communicate and interact. People with autism are said to often demonstrate restricted, repetitive, and stereotyped interests or patterns of behavior.

Noting her heartbreak at the language used on her brother, the Ba Mi Lo crooner stated that many people are affected by the condition. According to Tolani, autistic people can live fully with the love and support of family and friends. She went on to urge people to be patriotic.

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