The latest BMW I8 With 600-Horsepower Confirmed For 2023

BMW car power plant company has not been able to make a huge stamp with its supercars lately, but however the grate superlative change will showcase up in 2023 when the upgraded 600-hp i8 is unleashed.

Bavarian carmaker BMW might be trailing behind in the supercar division, but their latest creation is shaking things up.

While Mercedes has the AMG GT R and Audi has the R8 V10, BMW lacks in the supercar division. What’s more unfortunate is the current BMW i8 didn’t live up to the supercar standard that many fans expected it to meet.

Now, a new model based on the 2019 BMW Vision M Concept is turning things around. Not much has been revealed so far, but what we do know is that BMW is working on a successor to the i8 plugin-in hybrid.

A car of this caliber is also expected to bring the manufacturer back to the supercar arena, like in the times of the glorious BMW M1.

The current i8 didn’t convince anybody that it’s worth purchasing, especially with a price tag of $150,000 US dollars. And the fact that it only has 369-hp in a market where you can buy a 382-hp Tesla Model S at almost half the price says everything one needs to know.

The new i8 luckily will be a whole different story all together. It is expected to come with a ferocious capability of 600-horsepower, alongside a new aggressive design based on cars like the BMW M1. This remarkable step up from the i8 will have two engines, an electric engine for the front axle, and a combustion inline 4-cylinder. The electric motor will have an autonomy of electric-only use of around 60 miles.

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