More than 14 African countries have received Coronavitus herbal medicine from Madagascar

It’s very obvious that the messiah always come from unknown region, Madagascar happens to be the Messiah of Covid-19 pandemic which has been rampaging the whole universe.

However, this covid-19 happens to hold many economy of many countries hostage and also has held many business operatives lockdown over the months. But Glory be to Almighty God who have given the knowledge to the people of Madagascar to produce a herbal Medicine to eradicate the menace of Coronavirus over Africa.

However Madagascar have been able to sent its locally made COVID-19 “herbal medicine” to 15 African countries in the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS).

President Andry Rajoelina launched the herbal tea named COVID-Organics (CVO), on Monday, April 20, claiming the concoction cured COVID-19 patients.

On his Instagram page on Friday, May 1, Rajoelina said the “herbal medicine” would be availed to all coronavirus patients in all friendly countries across the African continent and around the world.

“Madagascar and its African brothers are united in the response to the coronavirus. It is with honor that we send these CVO herbal teas to the 15 member countries of ECOWAS through Guinea Bissau,”

” Madagascar will make Tambavy CVO available to all coronavirus patients in all friendly countries in Africa, in the Indian Ocean and around the world.

Madagascar had registered 135 infections of the pandemic as of Saturday, May 2, with zero deaths. Out of the total cases, 97 of them had recovered according to Worldometers, a real-time statistics website.

The herbal medicine, which was developed by Malagasy Institute of Applied Research, contains Artemisia – a plant on the Island used in the fight against malaria.

However, the World Health Organisation (WHO) said there was no proof of a cure for the disease, warning against the widespread use of untested remedies.

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