The presiding Bishop of Living Faith Church also know as Winners Chapel, says that church is back on its feet – Bishop Oyedepo declares

In recent times, there have been different reactions to governments across the world closing down religious gatherings and many other social gatherings that would have large people in attendance due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The pandemic has been raging all over the world and healthcare systems are struggling with containing the disease as they are being overwhelmed by more patients than they can care for.

In order to flatten the curve, many governments have closed down churches and mosques as well as other social gatherings.

However, many developing countries felt the brunt of the lockdown, though markets and other essential businesses were allowed to run.

According to the man of God, the church is back on its feet. Nigerian preacher, Bishop Oyedepo, reacted to the closure of churches. According to the man of God, the church is back on its feet.

The preacher declared this while saying that whoever does not want to see it back on its feet will die for it.

Speaking further, Oyedepo said that there is no virus as dangerous as hunger and that there is no vaccine for it except the person eats food.

He also said that spiritual famine is far more devastating and that it is what the devil is looking for. Oyedepo then said that no one has the answer to a problem except Jesus and that the church of Christ on earth is vibrating.

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