A popular singer Simi says ‘Duduke’ makes her unborn baby a symbol of love and hope

Simi’s ‘Duduke,’ celebrating the baby she is carrying, the unborn baby has become, not just a child of celebrity, but a symbol of love and hope for many.

The viral song took on a life of its own with the #DukukeChallenge,  where everyone becomes “pregnant,”

One theme runs through all the videos created: love for life, whether new or old; hope for new and better things. On the prizes for the challenges, Simi said:

“Whoever has the most creative cover gets N200,000 from my team. Who makes the most interesting cover gets a personal gift from me; we do a song together.” But many are in the challenge for the message of love and hope.

Some of the Duduke “pregnancies” videos are funny, especially when it’s a man carrying it. Many are touching, like the pregnant woman that made her in the maternity ward, and others were professionals, with all the studio touches.

There was a nostalgic countryside creation of a pure, lovestruck village, grass-picking girl dancing for the man her heart Dudukes for.

In a post on the #DudukeChallenge, Simi said:  “So many people have asked me what Duduke means— it’s the beat of your heart or the beat of the drums you move your body to, or the beat you sing a melody to. “It’s whatever beat you want it to be.

“I know (you know) why I made this song, but I want you to make it your own. Enjoy yourself. No limits.

That’s the beauty of true music. “Also, we’re celebrating mums, mums to be and the amazing women that are praying to be mums as well.

So, like I said before, let us see your towel bellies, your pot bellies, your flat bellies. “I just want to see you dance and sing; and whatever else.”

We will certainly get a younger version of Simi in a few months time, or be blessed with Adekunle Gold Jnr. But, for now, Simi’s Duduke beat of love and hope goes on. And we hope it never stops.

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