US hip-pop rapper Future wishes his 6 baby mamas happy Mother’s Day on Twitter

America’s most famous baby daddy, and the country’s own version of Diamond Platnumz, Future Hendrix has set the bar high for other men who have multiple baby mamas. The rapper who has numerous kids with different ladies celebrated Mother’s Day with a twist.

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Got racks on racks on racks 💵

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He went on Twitter and shouted out to six of his baby mamas including musician Ciara and thanked them for holding the fort while with the kids.

The Mask Off hitmaker called them one by one and dropped special, unique messages designed for each individual.

The father of nations started off with Cira, then India and proceeded to Brittany Mealy before moving on to the rest.

“Happy Mother’s Day Ci… Baby Future is life, I appreciate you. Happy Mother’s Day India, such a great mother and always putting the kids first. You keep me sane and I am forever grateful for you. Thanks for holding my prince down Britt, your love for your kids is amazing and I thank you for staying on top of the business,” he wrote.

He left out two other women also alleged to have given birth to his children.

Cindy Renae Parker and Eliza Reign who turned into his nemesis due to a court battle were not mentioned in the six tweets.

The two other women however sued the rapper for allegedly not providing for their children. Future has claimed he never sired their children and has attempted to block them from spreading content that ruins his reputation.

The celebrity has six children he has publicly claimed and refuses to add Cindy’s and Eliza’s to the list. The father of six used to date Ciara but the two parted ways citing infidelity. Ciara moved on to Russell Willson and the two are expecting their third child.

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Enjoy the time with your family ❤️

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