The most popular blogger Linda Ikeji shows off adorable 1-year-old son (video)

The most popular blogger and also Nigerian media mogul, Linda Ikeji, has taken to social media to showcase her adorable one-year-old son, Jayce.

The adorable blogger shared a sweet video of her son via Instagram page trying to control her son. Linda also showed her son identifying parts of his body she called out to him.

In the caption of the post, Linda wrote:

“My baby wants to show you guys some of the things he’s learnt… lol. Every morning, he looks for the Bentley key and hands it to me so we can go to the car only so he can press the buttons.

And then when he starts with his baby language…lol. Swipe for that video! God’s greatest gift to me! #thelightofmylife #Jayce #19monthsold #blessed Oh by the way, I was the one who cut this hair.

I tried, abi?”

In the slide, Jayce was seen trying to catch a lizard, he was also seen mopping the floor and helping his mother.

However, a very big congratulation goes to a popular blogger Linder Ikeji who welcomed a new baby girl which kept everyone happy including followers.

The caption of the post : “I swear, i can’t wait to go through this journey again. It’s the most rewarding thing ever. God answer all our prayers”

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