A popular Nigeria hip-pop singer Burna Boy brags that his cars are worth more than N1.3 billion

Nigeria singer, Burna Boy, has once again left social media users talking and this time, he is letting everyone know he is worth more than $3.5m

In a statement by Forbes, the 29-year-old Rivers born Afrobeats singer is worth $3.5 million. He has now taken to Snapchat to react saying that $3.5 million won’t even buy his cars.

He however revealed that his cars alone, were worth more than that. The singer who contemplated showing off his possessions, stated that it wasn’t in his nature to do so.

The popular singer went on to reveal that it was around the time he recorded one of his hit songs, All Eyes On Me in 2014, that he was worth that amount.

“They said I’m worth $3.5Million, that won’t even buy my cars. I might have to start doing some showing off. Nah, That’s not me. Imma just let u run with whatever ur blog tells u. $3.5 tho.

I’m dead. Fun fact; By the time I recorded “All eyes on me” I was dancing around that 3.5 level,” he wrote.

After his statement, many people thought that he was bragging unnecessarily and the post did not sit well on social media. A lot of people over reacted on his statement.

see some of the reactions below:

gagaflicks: “Seems Burna boy has changed his dealer, all these talking doesn’t suit you.”

joshbushtho: “But Burna Boy Didn’t Used To Talk Much Before.”

ah_lee_xa: “He said maybe he should start showing off and that’s not him! What’s he doing now? ”

sweet_jam001: “The ones wey rich pass u by far in the industry no Dey disturb us.”

amaa_rachy: “But u still showing off.. Abeg nobody can be like Wizzy martured af”

kiingnicholas: “We love u burna, but is this necessary?”

chy_wayers: “Burna, we know you are some bit worth more than this figure mentioned but saying it can’t buy your cars is the lie of the century. Stop lying sir!”

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