Compares virus with Malaria: A clergyman of God David Ibiyeomi says virus not in Nigeria

A popular clergyman of God, who is the founder and also the senior pastor of Salvation Ministries, David Ibiyeomie, has said that there is no coronavirus in Nigeria.

According to the clergyman, governors and corporations are lying with the virus so as to get money from the federal government.

However, in a video on social media, the pastor was spotted in his Portharcourt church when he made his statement. The man of God revealed that malaria has killed more people in Nigeria more than coronavirus.

“I told the people, I said what is coronavirus? Coronavirus is only a virus that is corona. People are making noise about coronavirus, to me, it’s rubbish. Did we make noise about Malaria? Malaria kills more people in Nigerian than coronavirus. Every day, people die of malaria. In the villages, people die of malaria, so, why are we talking about coronavirus and closing borders.”

The clergyman of God also used the founder of AIT TV station, Raymond Dokpesi, as an example, Pastor David stated that the media entrepreneur revealed that he was given malaria tablet to treat his coronavirus infection.

“Nigeria doesn’t even have it. I don’t even think Nigeria has it because you’ve heard Dokpesi say that he has it and it’s malaria tablet they gave him. So, if he has it, why did they give him malaria tablet. Nigerians are using it to eat money. Governors eat money, corporation tell lies to take money from the federal government. They don’t have malaria overseas but Nigerians are already used to malaria, so, is it corona that will… Nigerians who have it, I don’t think they are up to the number they are calling.”

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