We got the back of second Bobrisky a U.S base popularly known as Cliff Vmir

It’s true that people takes after one another, it’s only the ones we come across is the one we can actually testify to.

It’s obviously observed that another cross dresser who exactly takes after Bobrisky has eventually resurface himself on social media and do you know what? He is a U.S base cross dresser.

Meanwhile, Social media become a welcome place for cross-dressers to display themselves rather than receive backlash, many of which have become celebrities and have a large number of fans who celebrate them.

However, Mr. Cliff Vmir is a 23-year-old music artiste and hair stylist. The young man reportedly became famous from selling hair extensions and products.

According story, Cliff Vmir was said to always wanted to be a hairstylist from childhood and that he save money as a child to buy practice mannequins and that his father turned violent after discovering them. It was revealed that Cliff’s father never accepted him for being gay and that after his father left the family, he fully started his hair hustle.

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HER! Coming soon 💕

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