Boss Mustapha would have return the country to another lockdown if he has the power-he said

The chairman of presidential task force on covid-19 Boss Mustapha has said that the would have gone back to another lockdown if actually he has the capacity of power to do so.

The Boss Mustapha said people have fluted the order and rules guideline to stop the spread the deadly disease of covid-19.

Mustapha said: “You want to hear the truth? If it were within my powers this is the time to lockdown. Lockdown might not be a popular thing but this is the time to lockdown because I can see the attitude of Tom and Jerry, we are already romancing with COVID -19 and it is not good.”

“I saw a real romance with COVID -19 today. The romance of people behaving as if the matter (virus) is over. It is a very serious issue and my appeal to Nigerians listening is that; let us take this thing (virus) seriously. By now, with 500 plus fatalities you can’t be ignorant, you can’t say you don’t know of anybody that has fallen victim either by way of name or pictures but today they are no more,” Mustapha added

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