Daddy Freeze speaks on relationship with ray Hushpuppi

Daddy Freeze, has deliberately disclosed the relationship between him and Hushpuppi to Nigerians and public

The popular influencer and social media personality shared a post on his Instagram page stated that he should not be addressing the issue at all but has been forced to do so because of the misconceptions and nonsense making the rounds in the online community.

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However, the address followed by the former COOL FM OAP introducing a recorded video in a couple of year when he was still working with the radio station.

In the video, it captured the moment Freeze and co-hosts were talking about Hushpuppi’s income, that is the ways which Hushpuppi generates his MONEY.

One of his co-host had reminisced about spending five minutes with Hushpuppi on the phone in a bid to get the facts on what he does to afford his luxury lifestyle.

According to her, Hushpuppi claimed to be an influencer and also said he had other businesses that all account for his source of income.

However, the popular media personnel Daddy Freeze, said he met Hushpuppi again in 2019 when he traveled to Dubai on a COOL FM bonding trip. He interviewed Hushpuppi for the second time there was no need to bring up the topic about his source of income he said.

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