Reason President Donald J. Trump goes more popular than Covid-19

It’s very amazing to many people all over the world why United States president, President Donald J. Trump is going more popular than the deadly virus disease called Coronavirus.

President Donald J. Trump is a chosen President by Almighty God, which many are going against him because he is going contrary to the voice of the wicked ones in the world (Antichrist). However, Trump means Trumpet which is to shout out God’s glory,plans and at which is to carry out God’s end-time purposes.

It’s observes that President Trump has refused to abide with the rules, terms and conditions given by WHO in response to stop the spread of Covid-19, which many American said that the rules, terms and condition which were given by WHO hinders the freedom of God’s nature to human beings.

However, all the rules, terms and conditions given all over the world to remedy the spread of covid-19 is seem some how as going to abnormality, the conditions includes the prohibition of social gathering, social distancing, wearing of face masks, lockdown of Churches and Mosque, and so many of them.

In consequent of the rules,terms and conditions for covid-19 which United States President seems as going against the will of God’s nature to man, he has definitely fluted all these rules because he wants to carry out God’s purposes on human nature which includes free movement and freedom of humanity in all ramifications.

Since the outbreak of covid-19, despite the sporadic spread of this deadly virus, president Trump has refused to adhere to the rules given by scientist all over the world, because he knows very well that’s their strategies of end-time purpose and if he believes in them, by now, the whole world would have fallen before God’s Purpose of end-time plans.

So Trump is God’s sent president which is set to carry out God’s purpose plans of end-time. Which means that God is with President Trump and there is nothing anybody can do about his calling of being United States President and he will still wine again. His tenor most be completed and will not be taken out from him by force.

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