NCDC confirmed another 503 new cases of covid-19 amounting the total of 29,879

The announcement was disclosed through the official twitter handle of NCDC.

Recent confirmed new cases of covid-19 in the country was announced by Nigeria Center for Disease Control (NCDC) on Tuesday, July 7, announced 503 confirmed new cases of coronavirus in the country.

However, the records of the states which the cases were confirmed are as follows Lagos-153, Ondo-76, Edo-54, FCT-41, Enugu-37, Rivers-30, Benue-24, Osun-20, Kaduna-15, Kwara-13, Abia-9, Borno-8, Plateau-6, Taraba-5, Ogun-3, Kano-3, Kebbi-2, Nasarawa-2, Bayelsa-1,Gombe-1.

Based on the lists of states that partake on the confirmed new cases of coronavirus, it was seen that Lagos state still be on the forefront of being the state with the highest number of confirmed cases.

12,879 has been discharged

669 death confirmed

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