An 11 years old talented young boy who went viral for dancing in the rain, her mother speaks

Anthony Mmesoma Madu, is 11 years old young talented dancer who dance in the rain because of the passion he has for ballet dance; Anthony finally speaks following a video that gave him fame online.

However the 11-year-old dancer Anthony, disclosed while speaking saying that many people believe that ballet is only for females, I always want people to see that a boy could also do the same thing, the young dancer added. BBC reports.

Dancing gives me a great feeling: He said that he loves dancing because he gets a special feeling of being in a dream when he is practicing ballet.

Anthony takes ballet seriously : In an interview with BBC BBC, Anthony’s teacher, disclosed in the interview that the young boy takes dance seriously as he is always conscious of time and very committed. He added that “boys can actually do ballet”

Anthony,s mother speaks

“He never told me but I noticed it in him when he will be stretching his legs, his hands. I said ‘what of nonsense is this’? Whenever he is dancing, I feel happy, I have joy watching him dancing,” the mother said.

The mother added that she cannot believe this is actually her son, referring to the new fame he is in.

However, Many people have commended the effort made by BBC to bring this young Nigerian forth to the public. It’s a pleasure to many people to see that youths with such talent are being disclosed to the public so that their talent would not be a wasted one.

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