A Nigerian actress king Tonto Dikeh revealed her plan to help two women with IVF

A popular great Nigerian actress best known by name as Tonto Dikeh recently shared a post that have touched many Nigerian concerning her personal interest to help women in any aspect

However Tonto Dikeh shares a post of having plans to help two women who are struggling to have children with the in vitro fertilization (IVF).

Tonto Dikeh disclosed this to the people through her Instagram page and she said what moved her to help two women was the dream she had and saw herself helping two women in her dream by saving there lives.

According to her, when she told someone about the dream, the person figured the explanation of that dream to the medical reproductive procedure.

“I’m still trying to understand my dreams and visions but I would love to be a part of two women’s success stories who would want an IVF,” she said.

“I’m overwhelmed with An uncommon feeling, My tears wouldn’t just stop. God, I don’t know where you are leading me to but I have never doubted your ability to see me through,” she said.

However, Tonto discloses that she parented her son Andre all by herself and did it well. She stated that action is the best thing in life as it proves who someone really is, adding that on the other hand, words also showed who they will want to be.

Tonto told her son that being his dad has been a great honor, and appreciated Andre for making her a “Mr Mom”.

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