E-Money declares he’s too loaded to fail as he spoils people with money on party ceremony (videos)

A lavish ceremony was witnessed over the weekend in Anambra State after a slew of big names in Nigeria were present at the ceremony to grace the event.

The popular socialist, an influencer and a billionaire business elite who was reportedly dashing cars to his staff as birthday gift, however hosted traditional party ceremony in his home town Anambara state.

E-Money who declares that he’s too loaded to fail, was very serious, busy dancing and singing happily, the party ceremony was filled with love and happiness.

E-Money however distroyes people with money as part of his jubilation among others.





 A cultural dance troop was at the ceremony as they danced their hearts out to lovely traditional music singing appelations to their glory.


Lots of money was showered on the cultural dance troop as they beat their melodious drums.

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