Dj Khaled gives Nigerian artist Emmanuel an international support as Emmanuel draw DJ Khaled with pencil, the post went viral

It’s very obvious that internet platform is a mini micro world indeed where anything can happen and you get notice as quickly as possible.

In Nigeria especially, we are the living witness where this kind of things are happening. We notice the 11 years old boy who dance ballet in the rain and the young boy went viral on internet. We also notice the woman with blue-eyed who was decorated and her pictures were posted on internet and she went viral within a twinkle of an eye.

However another one has happened again which happens to be a Nigerian as well.

Nigeria has many amazingly creative people. The visibility power of social media is bringing them to the fore as they latch on it.

Just recently a Nigerian artist with the Twitter handle @kemz_Emmanuel got international attention after he did a pencil drawing of American artiste DJ Khaled and posted it on the micro-messaging platform on Monday, August 17.

In the post, he made sure he tagged the American DJ as he asked people to help him retweet his work so that the disc jockey maestro can see it.

A day after on Tuesday, August 18, DJ Khaled put Emmanuel in the spotlight as he quoted his tweet and added “Wow amazing!” broadcasting to his over 5 million Twitter followers.

Since then, the post has gone viral, drawing comments on the young Nigerian’s work from all corners of the world. Emmanuel shared three pictures that well captured the production process of the art. Looking at them, one can see how he progressed to get a final artistic copy.

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