The Brain Behind Mali’s coup: TImam Mahmoud Dicko is the politician that caused Mali’s coup

It has been observed for the passed few months Mali have been in a serious coup, the greatest conflict ever in Mali which happens to be internal coup. However, in a report which explain the brain behind the coup. In the shot report, it was gathered that Dicko was the brain behind the Mali’s coup.

However, Dicko was the one who led a two-month campaign against President Boubacar Keita and is known to be on the side of the military coup plotters who took over Mali on Tuesday, August 18, after ousting President Boubacar Keita.

To substantiate this claim, leaders of the nation’s opposition, M5-RFP, regard the Muslim cleric as the religious guide, PM News reports.

Meanwhile, Dicko led on Friday, August 21, led M5-RFP bigwigs to a rally in Bamako, in support of the armed forces that carried out the coup, a development seen as a victory against Keita by the president’s detractors.

However, the politically powerful Muslim called for peace in his speech during the rally and asked his supporters to forgive Keita. Regretting acts of vandalism and looting that have occasioned Mali’s political space, advocated non-violence.

He said: “Mali is not a country of revenge. But a country of understanding. We must come together today in order to drive out the demon of division and hatred. It’s time.”

However, ECOWAS said it had shut down ties with Mali. ECOWAS made this disclosure in a statement released on Wednesday, August 19, in Abuja, saying that it will also cut commercial trade with Mali.

perhaps, in a shot report, It was gathered that the leader of the soldier group informed journalists on Tuesday that Cisse and Keita were with them in Bamako, Mali’s capital. Later, another military source claimed the president and the prime minister have been taken to a key base in Kati, a town close to Bamako.

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