President Buhari had just approved and appointed the governing council of National persons with disabilities.

Personal assistant on new media to president Mohammadu Buhari, Bashir Ahmad revealed that that president Mohammadu Buhari has approved the National governing council with disabilities.

However, Bashir Ahmad made this known via his Twitter verified account on August 24th. He disclosed that the appointment comprises the six geo political zones of the federation.

Meanwhile, the caption on the tweet says: “President Mohammadu Buhari approved the composition of governing council and the appointment of the executive secretary of National Commission for persons with disabilities in line with the discrimination against persons with disabilities (prohibition) act 2”

“According to act, the commission shall be handed by the part-time chairman and six members who shall be persons with disabilities representing the six geo political zones of the federation subject to confirmation of the Senate for a four years term of office in the first instance, and maybe reappointed for the second term of four years and on more”

“The executive secretary who shall be responsible to the council for the implementation for the policies and the administration of the daily affairs of the commission, shall also be a person with disability with a five years tenure in the first instance and maybe reappointed for the second term and on more”.

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