See how NBA Superstar Michael Jordan spent $200 Billion Dollars – see Video clips

According to the Richest, Jordan is world famous as an NBA All Star, Hall of Famer, Baseball player, Golfer, and even a Hollywood star!

Michael Jordan has a few obsessions that he likes to splurge on: basketball, golf, cigars, houses, watches, and luxury travel.

He has a $29 million compound in Chicago complete with a customised ‘23’ iron gate and even vintage doors from the Playboy mansion.

It comes complete with a golf course and a full-size NBA-approved basketball court. When he’s ready for some downtime, he can sail away on his $80 million luxury yacht or hop on his customized private jet.

And in his retirement, he’s decided to spend $20 million on his very own golf course. When it comes to fun and games, he likes to splurge on cars– or get them as a gift.

He was once gifted a C4 Corvette, and one of his most expensive watches is worth $1.1 million dollars.

So, do you want to see how basketball royalty lives? Then join us for a tour of Michael Jordans luxury lifestyle and find out how he turned his basketball career into a $2 billion fortune.

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