American hip-pop rapper R. Kelly has been denied attempt to be released on bail for the sixth time (video)

Popular American hip-pop Really. Kelly, his appeal to be released on bail ahead of his trial was denied by an appeals court Tuesday. CNN report.

The Second Circuit Court of Appeals’ decision said prosecutors presented “clear and convincing evidence” that Kelly presents a potential danger to the community and he is a flight risk.

R. Kelly’s attorneys argued that the singer has been unable to prepare for his upcoming trial for nearly six months

His legal team says that because the singer can’t read or write, he can’t review legal documents in his case, make notes, or “meaningfully” communicate with lawyers without in-person meetings.

“He has essentially been cut out of the discovery and preparation process,” attorney Tom Farinella, who argued Kelly’s bail appeal, wrote in a court filing.

However, this happened to be the sixth time Kelly’s legal team argued for his release since he was taken into federal custody in July 2019. Attorneys argue has put Kelly at risk for developing severe complications from the virus.

The attorney for Kelly however expressed himself during the Tuesday ruling, “We are again disappointed.” He said

“There seems to be a different set of criteria when it comes to R. Kelly,” Greenberg said in a statement to CNN.

Farinella said Tuesday that Kelly’s legal team “will continue to vigorously fight for Mr. Kelly’s vindication.”

A spokesman for the U.S Attorney’s Office for the Eastern of District of New York had no comment on the appeal being denied.

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