After Chika Ike vowed not to mess herself by becoming the sevent wife she went further to have a secret wedding with Ned Nwoko (video)

After Chika Ike must have vowed not to become the sevent wife of Ned Nwoko, she finds it difficult to let her vow be. She had purposely said that she believes in the law of attraction, I believe it can manifest anytime….she said.

Despite vowing that she would not be the seventh wife in the harem of billionaire politician, Ned Nwoko, fans of Nollywood superstar Chika Ike are continuing to swim in the controversy.

Ms. Chika Ike had following the controversy that followed the claim that Regina’s mother, Rita Daniels ranted against her marrying Nwoko had vowed that she would not be the seventh woman in Nwoko’s harem.

The claim about Ms. Rita Daniels was subsequently found to be false.

Nonetheless fans are not leaving the matter to rest as almost every social media post by Ms. Ike is now shadowed by comments about being Nwoko’s seventh wife.

When she posted a promotion picture for her studio, Flip Script on Instagram, friends and foes were quick to read it as a promotion to be Mr. Nwoko’s seventh wife.

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