See what Donald Trump said over Wizkid reaction on SARS as the clamor to End SARS by Davido and Other celebrities grows wider

president Donald Trump, in response to Wizkid reaction on SARS, Trump said “Don’t mind the Old man Wizkid, this is one of the reasons I once called him a lifeless president. Donald trump reacted. As Wizkid said Donald Trump is not your Business Old man, that’s how Police and sarz still killing Nigerian youths on daily basis. Wizkid said.

Nigerian popular singer David Adeleke aka Davido the FEM corona, in reactions to the SARS saga, he tweeted: I also hope protest on the street doesn’t stop on the street. We need all hands on. He said.

However Davido went on saying: so a tweet to government directly will be more effective than all us coming together?? You probably want to talk but I will ignore and focus on the goal which is to END SARS Sir. He tweeted.

Another Twitter user With account name @lollypeezle said: look at CNN, Al-jazeera, look at BBC they air the atrocitie of their government and other countries government but see TVC, Channels TV, STV, AIT they always mute…. This SARS menace needs to be aired as a documentary, but you all are after brown envelope. END SARS. He said.

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