The recent US election Update

I take no comfort in saying that we saw this coming. Back in June, for example, I told Lou Dobbs, “It’s been a state by state battle to protect the integrity of our elections. There will be a severe temptation to cheat, and now that’s going to be a lot easier to do because our system is going to be overwhelmed with ballots and applications for ballots.”

“We’ve proven repeatedly – because we’ve been winning in court to clean up voter lists – that the lists across America are filthy in terms of having more people on the rolls than are eligible to vote. And those people, you can be sure, are going to be the groups getting some of these ballots,” I said at the time. Says Trump.

I have to wonder how much worse it might have been had we not been busy in court. As you know,we are a national leader in seeking cleaner elections

These vote totals are changing because of unprecedented, extraordinary, illicitly secretive, and inherently suspect counting AFTER Election Day that continue as I write. There will be court battles (which will almost certainly involve your Judicial Watch) but the presidency may ultimately come down to a fight in Congress over the counting of Electoral College electors from the states that are engaged in the slow-motion counting of votes. State legislatures in Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin, Georgia (and maybe Arizona) will have decisions to make – endorse and ratify what happened this week to President Trump’s vote totals or appoint a slate of electors to reelect the president. So, in addition to supporting Judicial Watch’s effort to secure the election, you may want to share your views on the election controversy with your elected representatives, both in your statehouse and in Congress.

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