#NewNigeria: Nigeria Value and ambition is defined when the quality of citizens and educational welfare that produce them is defined – Sam Adeyemi

A popular and highly respected pastor, pastor Sam Adeyemi who is the founder and Senior Pastor of the Daystar Christian Centre, Lagos, Nigeria has taken Nigeria burden as his personal burden.

The pastor tweeted on the problems facing Nigeria development and ways forward for a better Nigeria.

Pastor Sam Adeyemi in his tweets came with taught from his friend and his personal ideas as a doctor of strategic leadership, strategic leadership expect who ever visioned the best of all for the citizen Nigeria.

He tweeted that his says “My friend said that doing one’s work with excellence is part of what makes one a German. It’s in the National value system. Any Surprise that Germany supplies the world with high quality cars, electronic etc. And it’s the largest economy in Europe”.

“Another friend, Dr. Kayode Oyedeji people, once asked. ” People say ‘many made in Nigeria’ goods are of inferior quality. What of ‘made in Nigeria’ person?” Madeling and advocating for good values and behaviors till the they become culture is the forte of great leader”.

“What is the Nigeria dream? We don’t have a provision problem, we have a vision problem. That’s a people and leadership problem, it’s a terrible thing for the imagination to be damaged to the extent it can’t raise above present realities to create new possibilities” .

“Once the destination is defined, the route (s) become obvious. When the vision and ambition of a country is defined, the quality of citizens and the educational, political, economic and welfare polices and system that will produce them will be defined”.

“I see a developed Nigeria that values excellence, I commit to serve my family, organization and Nation with excellence in my character and skills, God helping me and to only vote for and hold accountable to leaders that model and serve with same. Do you?” He tweeted

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