Hey Boy Vs BurnaBoy in a new version coming soon disclosed by Australian popular producer Sia

An Australian popular Singer Sia has announced she’s teamed up with Burna Boy for a remix of her recent track ‘Hey Boy’, coming later this week.

Taking to social media today (January 12) to make the announcement, Sia revealed that both the song and video would be coming this Thursday (January 14). She captioned the post simply with “Pucker up”.

The original song is set to appear on Sia’s forthcoming album ‘Music’, due out February 12, which was written to accompany her new film of the same name.

Pucker up 💋 “Hey Boy” ft @burnaboy song + video out Thursday – Team Sia pic.twitter.com/CRRemf9qkR

— sia (@Sia) January 11, 2021

Music, the film, is set to be released in cinemas around the world throughout January and February, and is directed, produced and written by Sia herself.

It’s set to star Kate Hudson, Leslie Odom Jr. and Maddie Ziegler, a casting choice Sia has come under fire for.

Ziegler, who is able bodied and neurotypical, is set to portray an autistic teenager, which drew criticism from people across the internet.

Autism rights activists even started a petition in an effort to get the release of the film cancelled.

Sia initially defended her decision, stressing that she thought it was unfair for people to criticise the film without seeing it.

However, she later doubled back, admitting that she “should have just shut up” and said the casting of Ziegler was “nepotism”.

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