Flavour’s Baby Mama opens up, reveals that the first baby she had was at the age of Twenty 20, the baby mama speaks on struggle with depression

Nigerian popular ex beauty princess Anna Ebiere has taken to her official Instagram page to share some struggles she had over the past few years especially during her birthday celebrations. The mother of one said she was always sad but she had to cover up her pain with smiles. According to her, she was advised to fake it till she makes it.

Anna Ebiere talks about dealing with sadness. Photos: @annaebiere Source: Instagram The mother of one, however, noted that her upcoming birthday reminds her of how far she has come, noting that she felt like she’s been caged for many years.

Singer Flavour’s baby mama talks about dealing with depression. Photos: @annaebiere Source: Instagram According to her, people see celebrities like they have their lives together but no one seems to notice that they also have their own struggles. Anna stated that their posts on social media can be deceiving as they do not show the truth about the state of things.

Singer Flavour’s baby mama says social media posts can be deceiving. Photos: @annaebiere Source: Instagram The beautiful woman also stated that she was so ashamed of so many things in her life. She said: “I was ashamed of my body. I was ashamed of some decisions I made. I had a beautiful baby girl at 20 (unmarried, young, and a school dropout).”

Singer Flavour's babymama
Singer Flavour's babymama
Singer Flavour's babymama

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