Rihanna’s Ex was Allegedly “Not Vibing” With Her New Bobyboo ASAP Rocky

American Singer and a super business elite best known as Rihanna has been strongly maintaining her relationship with A$AP Rocky. However, the state of her relationship with A$AP is apparently still just as strong as ever, no matter how the pop star’s on-again, off-again ex Drake happens to feel about it.

Meanwhile, according to report, On Monday night, Rihanna and A$AP Rocky were out at Delilah, a celeb-favorite Los Angeles night spot, where they were spotted “holding hands and laughing” according to a source sho spoke to Us Weekly. “A$AP showed up with a group of about 10 people to the private party,” meeting up with the pop star who was already there. They added, “It’s obvious they’re a couple and also are each other’s best friend. They kid around a lot [and] laugh a lot. They have private date nights together a lot and have a blast hanging out together.”

But one person who reportedly wasn’t having a blast is Drake, who was also in a private room at Delilah that night, which is apparently referred to as “Drake’s spot” amongst the celebrity set. “Drake was not vibing with A$AP,” an insider explained. But the rapper has had plenty of time to get used to the idea that his ex has moved on, as Rihanna and Rocky have apparently been together for quite awhile and simply decided to keep their new relationship quiet.

The source explained that the pair have been dating “for a long time and have just been keeping it under wraps,” adding, “They’re not necessarily hiding the fact that they’re dating—they more so just don’t want people in their business. They’re two chill people that don’t want that kind of attention, so they show up randomly to a spot and nobody really knows until afterwards.”

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