A POPULAR P0rn star, Annie Blonde recounts incidents that made her join P0rn industry

Nigerian porn star, Annie Blonde, who has featured in porn movies with Nigerian porn King, Kingtblakhoc before going solo, has narrated the incidents that made her join the porn industry.

According to the Nigerian porn star, she was raped aft

er she was sent out in the night by her aunt all because she forgot a meat worth #1,000.

Am not Wrighting this to get pity or love frm anyone ,Let me start frm this I grew up with my uncle and aunty I went to primary sch secondary sch and then to the university I left ui when I was in 200l going to 300l I really never wanted to leave but I had to leave when I was raped (I went home for holidays like any normal child would go home I was raped which was caused by aunty cause I was sent out in the middle of the night because of meat ? because I forgot 1000naira meat )

The day I was raped I never told anyone at home cause even if I did everyone will think I was a lair I will never forget the spot I was raped I was in the hospital for a week cried for pain needed help I left home left sch behind. I looked for job everywhere no one was ready to help until I get laid with which I really needed the money to go to sch since my admission was not expired yet I didn’t have anywhere to go because I left home I was called a bastard many times my uncle always said I should go and die like my mother did

To be sincere have never seen my father or mother b4 I don’t knw who my sisters and brothers are even if I see them I will never knw they are the ones . The rest part is for another day .never judge anyone don’t be too quick to condemn cause no one knws we’re we will all end up on the last day .

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