A POPULAR WELL KNOWN CROSS DRESSER SAYS Tonto Asked Me To Give Churchill’s Full Name To My Grandma To Destroy His Life

Controversial crossdresser, Bobrisky has heightened the ongoing drama as he accuses his ex-bestie, Tonto Dikeh, of trying to destroy the life of her ex-husband, Olakunle Churchill.

Bobrisky, who appears offended over Tonto’s backlash noted that because she has stepped on his toes, he will reveal all her evil deeds.

According to Bobrisky, Tonto had tried to destroy the life of her ex-husband by asking him to give his full name to his grandma if she can find anyone to help achieve the deed.

Sharing the screenshot of the conversation, Bobrisky wrote, “Tonto y did you send me ur ex husband full name churchchil and his mother name ? since you have step on my toes, let me finish you completely…. remember you asked me to give his name to my grandma if she has anyone to help you destroy his life, and I told you my grandma don’t associate herself with anyone that destroy people name.

“She is a Muslim and she doesn’t do evil. fight with receipt darling… I don’t come out to fabricate lies and story. Tonto ur fans need to know you are evil you come online to pretend who are you not. Thank God I didn’t listen to fight churchchil for you because I remember telling you he is ur baby daddy I can’t involve in such fight. I’m posting more receipt of ur evil deed.”

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