Bobrisky Exposes Chats To Prove He Borrows Cars To Show Off

Controversial crossdresser, Bobrisky has continued to throw shades at Ismaila Mustapha, a.k.a Mompha, after the duo clashed on Instagram.

This time, Bobrisky exposed their private chats to prove that he always lend his cars to the internet celebrity who is stereotyped as a billionaire with a wide array of fancy cars.

Accusing Mompha of living a fake life, and also renting cars in Dubai, Bobrisky wrote, “Anytime you are in Lagos, i borrow you my car, i will take it to car wash for you, asked my driver to bring it to your hotel whenever you are done with it you will come and park it… y do you all like to use me cos of my money and come to Instagram to still insult me haaaa I fear una awon audio billionaire renting cars in Dubai for the gram. Come to Lagos and buy the cars now

“Mompha you said i asked you for money? From dis dm who is asking who for gift now? Instagram audio billionaire. Y do you all lie so much. When you were in Lagos who borrowed you one of my car to drive ? Fake life on d gram.

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