Women Don’t Want Love from Men But Emotional or Financial help – Says Blessing CEO

Controversial relationship expert, Blessing CEO Okoro, has taken to social media to state that contrary to some popular opinions about women, a lot of them aren’t in romantic relationships for love.

According to Okoro, most women are in it for the emotional and financial help they can get. She explained that when a woman has everything, she hardly ever wants a man but when a man has everything, he wants more women. She wrote:

“A lot of women don’t want love from a man, they want emotional or financial help. Do you ever wonder why women stay with cheating men , they don’t love the men anymore they are just using his emotional help or financial help . Once she gets a replacement she moves.”

However, Her post has generated mixed reactions from social media users. While some agree with her, others are of the opinion that there are women out there who want it all.


“Okayyyyyy. But some of us want alllll.

” milola_16:

“Talk for yourself o . Me I want all.”


“Not all women.”


“Get out of my sight now. Not all women. Motivational speaker isonu. I wonder who still listens to her after Onye Eze saga, President of clout chasing.

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